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A little bit of PR sunshine on a cloudy day

Over the last couple of weeks we have been included – for the first time – in a number of industry league tables. It has been a real moment for the team to celebrate on the back of what have been a tough couple of months…in so many ways. 

Out of an estimated 4,500 agencies in the UK, With entered into PR Week’s Top 150 agencies at number 134. We placed at 30 in the top technology PR agencies amongst some incredibly illustrious companies. We were also cited as the 5th fastest growing PR agency in the UK by PRovoke (nee Holmes Report). 5th!!! 

But of course, with league tables based on last year’s business performance, completely outside the current context, it is a slightly strange celebration. Like so many other agencies are reporting, business life is more of a roller coaster currently than ever before. We have clients whose businesses are struggling, others for whom we have had to rapidly pivot, and others who need full-on issues management support. On top of which we have some hugely exciting new business happening from businesses in sectors thriving despite the climate. 

Two other agency owners I spoke to recently equally described this inability to ‘call it’ at the moment…not quite knowing what the next day will bring. Things seem to be settling down a little but, as is widely reported, we will all be carrying the economic impact of the pandemic for some time to come. 

I feel incredibly lucky to have the team at With that I do: while everyone is undergoing their own challenges, they have continued to pour incredible energy and commitment into their daily work. For every bad bit of news we have had to share, they have shown an incredibly With-style collaborative approach to receiving it and managing it. These league table announcements are cause to celebrate for sure, but we celebrate mindful that we only grew fast because we genuinely care about what we do, we have a truly awesome team pulling together and we are singularly focused on the future our clients are trying to reach. Ultimately the numbers mean nothing without the brave team behind them.

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