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Announcing With’s media training offer for female spokespeople

While we know many businesses are making positive strides forward in tackling gender inequality, too few have female spokespeople. We know from the media we work with that they are desperate for senior female perspectives. So we feel it is important to support our clients’ businesses in tooling up a wider group of women to be in a position to fulfil this need. We feel so passionately about it, we are reducing our cost for media training by 50% for any client putting forward senior women to be trained. 

We are offering clients a huge 50% reduction on the cost of media training IF clients include a senior female spokesperson in their media training plan. For any client that books media training with us by the end of September (to take place before the end of 2022) and includes senior female representation, we will reduce the cost of the session by 50%. 

Each training session focuses on a maximum of 3 participants – as long as at least one is a senior woman, the session is costed at 50%. If you want to train more people and put forward a larger group of which at least ⅓ are senior women, we will run two sessions (max 3 people each session) and only charge for 1. Larger inclusive groups can be arranged bespokely. 

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