Pieces of earned media in target publications




Key decision makers from the climate market space brought into the CEO's LinkedIn network

They asked

Hong-Kong-based startup, Allinfra, is using web3 technology to revolutionise the climate market. Its unique climate data management and asset tokenisation platform is enabling organisations to collect, use and monetise climate data with unprecedented accuracy, transparency and efficiency. However, with the climate tech market booming, there has been an influx of noise from solutions that are theoretical or not yet built. Allinfra wanted to find a way to cut through this noise and be known as a company that has already built working solutions.

We delivered

A two pronged campaign to drive compelling media narratives, paired with profile building and lead generation via Linkedin. The media strategy was implemented by engaging with the most important and relevant media
narratives to build the profile of Allinfra’s two founders with target journalists. After generating groundswell and establishing Allinfra’s presence in key industry publications, we began mirroring profile building on the personal LinkedIn profile of Allinfra’s two founders. By optimising their profiles and mapping out key industry contacts, we were able to maximise ROI on all earned media while creating a direct line to these key decision makers. As a result, we converted these contacts into real-life engagements.


  • CleanTech
  • Lead Gen
  • Media Relations
  • Thought Leadership