reduction in Cost Per Click vs previously run campaigns


Priority US banks engaged


of audience director level or above


new followers from target accounts

They asked

Fintech Pollinate works with banks to give their SME customers a next generation payments experience. With was asked to help Pollinate engage a set of tier 1 US banks as part of their ABM Strategy. Pollinate had a wealth of existing thought leadership and had previously tried to engage these accounts through lead gen ad campaigns. They were facing challenges in getting these in front of decision makers and were keen to optimise their results.

We delivered

“With combined its knowledge of the psychology of senior banking decision-makers with a forensic review of previously run ads to create a paid social strategy that would deliver content that resonated, in a format that drove action from its viewers. The strategy shifted the ads towards an editorial-first approach that provided value to these decision-makers, leading to exponential growth in followers, acquired from target accounts.
As variation in ads was also crucial to success, With created 20 ads using single image, document and carousel formats. Further A/B testing meant budget could be shifted onto ads that were performing best, generating 5,000+ clicks, doubling the target number of impressions, and securing 60 full reads of Pollinate whitepapers from decision makers across the eight target US banks, building trust and paving the way for Pollinate‚Äôs sales leaders.”


  • Corporate Reputation
  • FinTech
  • Insights & Strategy
  • International
  • Lead Gen
  • Media Relations
  • Paid Social