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Elevating B2B Tech Communication: Five lessons from IFA Berlin 2023

Industry events are a key moment in time to celebrate your point of difference as an organisation as well as help you hit key commercial objectives. We’ve had the honour to help IFA Berlin, the world’s largest consumer technology event, deliver on a killer comms strategy and along with our track record of expertise at shows like this, we thought it would be good to share some tips on how to stand out from the crowd. 

Storytelling That Resonates

People don’t care about the bits and bytes of a new piece of technology, they care about what it enables them to do. At IFA Berlin 2023, consumer technology companies didn’t unveil products; they told stories. The new release of the Honor V Purse told a story of evolving fashion more than anything. Storytelling is the most potent tool in PR and marketing and can’t be ignored if you want to cut through. 

Engaging Visuals and Demonstrations

B2B companies can take a leaf out of the books of consumer technology companies when it comes to showcasing their products and making demos memorable. Stand out stands from IFA this year featured mock-scenarios demonstrating products in action. Done well, these experiences make complex technology more accessible and memorable for attendees. In the best cases, they make it easier to empower other people to sell your product or service. 

Thought Leadership Not Just News

IFA, or any big trade show, is a moment in time. You should absolutely shout about your news, product launch or technology, but that isn’t enough. You need to think about the long game and sow the seeds ahead of an event thinking about the long tail. A one hit wonder won’t have the lasting impact you are looking for. 

Sustainable and Ethical Messaging

Amongst the technology, sustainability and ethical practices were prominent themes at IFA Berlin 2023 and gained the largest crowds at key notes and panels. All companies should be firmly focused on this, but it isn’t always easy and businesses and execs are nervous of all the potential and very real issues that can come with opening themselves up about sustainability. Demonstrating a long term, measurable commitment to areas like the UN’s sustainability goals can differentiate a company in a crowded market. You can’t do this in reaction to an upcoming event, but these events are a great place to engage with your audiences about this issue. If your company hasn’t started this journey, or you are finding this a tricky path to tread, you aren’t alone, but we can help.

By incorporating the tips above, B2B tech companies can elevate their presence, reputation, and ultimately, their success in the industry. Learning from the best in the consumer tech world can lead to transformative results in the B2B tech sphere.

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