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Green Tech – It’s No Cop Out

With loves all things Tech, from marketing automation to cloud computing systems. We’re also passionate about sustainability, and with COP26 there’s no better time to merge these two.

COP26 brings with it repeated mentions of deforestation, plastic pollution and emissions in the media, and that can lead us down a path to climate despair. Looking at great technologies and initiatives that are helping to protect our planet can help overcome this despair and reignite our passion.  

System 002 – The Ocean Cleanup 

On the 20th October, The Ocean Clean Up officially launched System 002, or ‘Jenny’. Through using carefully engineered nets and a travelator-like ramp, Jenny can collect over 9000kg of plastic pollution in a single haul, catching everything from toothbrushes to industrial fishing nets – but no fish! As an organisation dedicated to sustainability, they are also offsetting all their carbon emissions and experimenting with low-carbon fuels. This huge engineering feat will be key in the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans, and is already tackling the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

AMP Neuron – AMP Robotics

From the physical to AI, technology can be used to tackle climate change in every way. AMP Robotics uses machine learning and vision powered robotics to identify, sort and recover waste at scale. It has an accuracy of 99% and can pick 80 items per minute, when deployed on a large scale this greatly reduces the risk of ‘recycling waste’ being sent to landfill due to cross contamination with non-recyclables. Their impressive technology caught the eye of CNBC who included them in the 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50. 

Rainforest Connection 

Rainforest Connection uses acoustic monitoring to prevent deforestation – one of the most environmentally devastating practices. Throughout swathes of the Amazon Rainforest, these monitoring systems create a large network, meaning they can identify illegal logging in real-time. It also provides data on wildlife in the area, helping to monitor populations and can be used as evidence to create protected areas or back policy changes. 

Green Finance / Util

Investing is unlikely to be your first thought when the words ‘climate change’ are mentioned. However, Util, a financial technology business, derived that every company and portfolio has a social and environmental impact. Through machine learning they can collect this data and measure it against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and thousands of other sustainability themes. As a result they can advise and improve portfolios to ensure they are investing sustainably. Util is at the forefront of green Fintech, and we love their work – albeit we might be a tad biased as Util is a With client. 

These examples are just a few of a myriad of clean technologies, and there are sure to be many exciting advancements made in months and years to come. To help these companies get the attention they deserve, we are offering a 22% discount for 2022 campaign briefs we receive for planet-saving technology! Contact us at to find out more. 

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