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How Marketers can plan for 2021 When We Don’t Know What the Future Holds

There are very few upsides to the pandemic but one thing we all came to realise is that we are a lot more resilient, resourceful and agile than maybe we thought we were. One bunch known for their agility is marketers. Ironically however, most are in fact planners at heart. But how to plan 2021 when so much is uncertain? Using your PR agency as a strategic partner can prove an important step. Leaning on them for insight gathering, objective setting and measurement evaluation in a way that is responsive to the new world order will have martech marcomms up and running. 

With will be hosting a series of Q & Brew webinars during December for marketers from key tech sectors. No ordinary Q&A,our CEO Debbie Zaman will be joined by digital marketing expert Jennifer Begg and insights specialist Jane Hales to discuss tips and techniques for getting planning right with such a changed set of circumstances. In a power half hour starting at 08.30am, they will share their collective best practice and then take time to answer questions. Our speakers will also be online throughout the week to answer further questions via Zoom or email. 

Topics include

  • ‘Why your annual survey data is irrelevant’: in a shifting landscape, how often should marketers be conducting insight? What should they ask and how?
  • ‘Why no one ‘likes’ your social posts any more’: how has the recent content deluge impacted comms and content? What tools should marketers be using to amplify their messages and measure success? Is sponsorship or paid media worth it? Can earned media still cut through?
  • What problem is ‘thought leadership’ really fixing? Why pain points trump objectives for delivering killer ROI.  

Grab a brew and have your own Q’s at the ready. 

1st December: media, advertising and martech marketers

2nd December: fintech and financial services marketers

3rd December: HR tech marketers

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