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Levelling up at With –  A PRCA apprenticeship journey

Abdul, Junior Account Executive and PRCA Apprentice:

My journey as an apprentice has taught me more than I could have imagined. This apprenticeship isn’t just about ‘learning on the job’. It is about being guided and mentored properly by experts in the field whilst also learning first-hand the PR practices that will set me up with the knowledge and experience to tackle the PR industry head-on. The opportunity to put PR theory into practice and explore the skills I am learning is invaluable when it comes to starting out in PR.

Having already studied an MSc degree in Brand Management and Design, the unusual step to start an apprenticeship was an easy decision for me as it ticked every box for my own ambitions. I have always had a passion for communications and enjoy being creative, having dipped my toe in the comms waters with brand management through my Master’s degree. I also see PR as an industry where I would love to grow as an expert and become a wordsmith. Working for a PR agency has me thrown into the deep end of the industry, but I wouldn’t have asked for anything different – it has given me the tangible experience I need. This way I am certain to learn about every role in PR, from creating engaging copy and drafting press releases to building client relationships and pitching to journalists.

I have now had experience at two different agencies and as I reach the end of my apprenticeship, I feel I have found my home at With, having always had a strong interest in technology. I have been here for two months and I am eager to learn more about each client and get stuck in with the various campaigns. I am quickly developing my skills in strategic thinking and learning how to plan and accommodate the fast-paced world of technology. With a clear plan of what I am learning and what projects I’ll be getting involved with, I can’t wait to see what this apprenticeship has in store for me and my future in PR.

Lizzie, Managing Director:

For us at With it’s about opening up our doors to new, ambitious and switched-on people joining the industry through as many and varied routes as possible. It invites in and encourages all sorts of creative thinking, problem-solving, and relationship cultivation. Perhaps most importantly is the halo effect of taking an approach like this to talent which benefits each and every one of our existing team members and clients who are able to bask in a truly diverse, dynamic and creative melting pot.

Not only does it broaden the thinking we can bring to the table, but it also makes coming to work each day and engaging with teammates so much more meaningful and varied – from different life experiences casting different lenses over the polemical issues of the day through to opportunities to listen and learn something new. So – for the curious minded it’s a total no-brainer.

Finally, there’s also the obvious feel-good factor in giving someone young, ambitious and brilliant the leg up to get started on a meaningful career trajectory in comms. The kick of seeing them thrive and fall in love with the plate-spinning, high-flying, thrill-seeking circus that is life in a comms agency is second to none.

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