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Payments: More Killer Content at MoneyFest by Money20/20

Consolidation and collaboration

On both Monday and Tuesday at around 3pm, MoneyFest will lift the lid on consolidation and collaboration in the payments space. At 3.12pm GMT on Monday 26th October, Yann Senant of Boston Consulting Group will deliver a keynote looking at M&A activity across the payments space both past and future. With a specialism in post merger integration and a suggestion Yann will be looking at some of the ‘failings’ of that activity, it may well be worth payment fintechs grabbing a cuppa and tuning in to this. Similarly we are hopeful the session on Tuesday 27th October at 3.05pm GMT with Mastercard’s new European lead will give us his fresh perspective on what the payments Goliath is looking for from fintech collaborations. 

Brexit Complexity 

Europe definitely presents a complex payments landscape, likely to get even more complex as Brexit looms large.  On Tuesday 27th October at 3.27pm the European Central Bank will talk about their efforts to streamline retail banking in the region and at 3.44pm the session will cover how the regulatory environment might need to adapt to diverse influential factors, including the dreaded ‘B’ word. 

Cross-Border, Real-Time 

The “How Do I Win At Cross Border Payments” session on Tuesday at 2.15pm GMT could be a desperate question from a fragmented sector, but let’s hope it is more a ‘how to’ with shared expertise from the panel. 

Real-Time payments is still one of the buzziest of buzzwords and is gaining momentum year on year. Speaker Ken Kruszca of SnapCheck was, apparently, the first person EVER to send $1 around the world by mobile! He will be discussing the potential for real-time-ness and other areas giving B2B payments the x-factor State-side at 4.31pm GMT.

Practical Payments Advice

Fintechs Fattmerchant and Finix (such pleasing alliteration) will be joined by a bank and a management consultancy to discuss the secrets of success in embedding payments in software at 5.18pm GMT on Tuesday 27th October. 

Hot on their virtual heels at 5.40pm GMT, Rob Abrams, Director of Payments at Amazon promises to “cut out all the noise around payments and distinguish where real opportunities lie”. A bold claim we hope his session holds true to, as this could leave the industry with some hugely valuable insights from a world leader. 

Watch out for our diversity and inclusion highlights preview later this week. 

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