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Turbocharging Internal Comms: Key Takeaways From Stephen Fry And Steven Bartlett

Central to the future of work discussion is how to create a workforce that is engaged, empowered and productive. We attended Unily’s annual employee experience (EX) conference filled with iconic keynote speakers, new thought-provoking ideas, and employee experience leaders from the world’s biggest enterprises. If you missed it, here are some key learnings for internal communications leaders. 

Health Over Hustle 

The productivity conversation has changed, there is now more of a focus on health instead of hustle. Unily embodied this by kicking off the conference with a 7am morning boxercise session to get the endorphins flowing. After all, keeping a healthy work-life balance and staying active is essential for physical and mental health as well as job satisfaction. Leaders can see productivity rise when employees are well rested and better focused – recent research from The Saïd Business School shows that happy workers are 12% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. Along with this, employees produce work they are proud of when tasks are completed out of enjoyment rather than doing something just because it has to be done. Find out what motivates employees and incorporate this to boost productivity.

How Can Internal Comms Leaders Leverage AI?

“Don’t judge technology by what it is, judge it by what it could be.” This is message to internal comms leaders from the inspiring Stephen Fry. Employee experience is evolving and leaders must lean in whilst making sure they balance the opportunity that technology brings, with caution that the approach still needs to feel human. Leaders can deliver a personalised experience while leveraging the efficiency of emerging technologies. 

Creating a Winning Culture is the EX Cornerstone

Define your culture with input from your employees and inspire them to be tomorrow’s leaders. Employees should be encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas; there is no wrong answer. Failing fast and the ability to bounce back are traits disruptive entrepreneur, Steven Bartlett, described as fundamental to growth. Fostering a sense of community where employees feel encouraged is second to none in creating a winning culture.  

Elevating Your Employee Experience Platforms 

Wipro and iRobot, two of the many companies using Unily’s platform, showed us their cutting-edge EX platform designs. Leaders should transform engagement and productivity by making their communication platforms visually engaging, personalising features to connect with the individual, and making it easy to navigate. Done well, this makes every employees’ life much easier.

The role of internal communicators is evolving. Organisations need to prioritise well-being, lean into AI and utilising other technology solutions, and create an employee-first culture. By doing this internal comms leaders will help shape a more fulfilling and engaging future for employees.

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