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Welcome, Allinfra!

This month we have secured a great strategic win with a fantastic new client that spans both the fintech and cleantech sectors. With a real focus on impact and ESG, Allinfra is a Hong Kong-based company who use a sustainability data management software and asset tokenization platform to help institutions achieve their sustainability goals. They do so with auditable, verifiable data for sustainability management, reporting and green finance.

With more and more investment going into green technologies and green finance it is essential that the validity of those green assets are clearly demonstrated, tracked and logged so that investors can see clearly what they are investing in. This is where Allinfra is leading the charge by developing the technology for transparent, integrated, environmental financial products which will revolutionize the climate finance markets.

Following the competitive pitch, we have already started work with Iris Van Kerckhove, Allinfra’s senior digital marketing manager who said, “With’s excellent form in the ESG and fintech space really made them stand out. The coverage they have delivered just recently for clients across the tier 1 international media like the Financial Times, Bloomberg, Reuters and Investment Week speaks for itself. We know there is intense competition for coverage in the green technology space and so their strategic – and creative – approach to developing green investment stories which cut through the noise really stood out in their pitch. We know they will be instrumental in elevating our global corporate reputation.”

Our mission is to engage key decision-makers at large financial institutions as well as alter UK and US investor perception of how green investment can be monitored. We will be engaging in thought leadership and significant profile-raising for their two founders, Bill and Dave across tier 1 business, fintech and greentech media.

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