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Corporate Reputation – Welcome Polly Robinson!

With has been delivering phenomenal, award-winning media relations for B2B tech clients for over a decade. We have always had a close eye on clients’ commercial goals to ensure that we deliver impact, but more often than not those goals are driven by sales and pushing the technology as a product. An important goal, as this is what keeps the lights on! But the world has been changing, driven by an increasingly conscious consumer. And the expectations those consumers have of the everyday brands they buy have carried over into their professional lives. From investors to partners and of course customers, B2B brands are also now being evaluated on the role they play in the wider world.

Factors like leadership, citizenship and workplace behaviour drive corporate reputation. This expansive view of corporations means that stakeholders and audience groups have equally expanded and the whole C-suite is involved in the direction of reputation. Identifying the biggest challenges to corporate reputation and the most impactful solutions to overcome them has never been more important.

With is already doing just this and supporting clients with corporate reputation goals: from working with independent retailers to support access to cash for an ATM operator, to promoting remote working policies to support talent acquisition for a global employer and supporting the representation of diversity in advertising for a major communications group.

We will be drawing on Polly’s experience supporting businesses like Experian and Reckitt to build bespoke corporate reputation plans for those organisations who recognise that doing good business means being a good business. From insight-led reputation analysis, to recommendations on reputation activations, as well as both the internal and external strategies to communicate them, With will be partnering with B2B clients from the tech and consultancy worlds to effect long term impact.

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