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WITH NEWS ALERT: With And New Client Shootsta Team Up To Change The Face Of Video Communications

Last week, With began working with an awesome new client, Shootsta, a company that educates and empowers businesses with the tools, technology and training to create high-quality, cost effective and professionally edited videos in as little as 24 hours. Shootsta is breaking the mould in providing a scalable video solution for HR teams, L&D departments and internal communicators which puts video at the heart of all communications.

In short, it is a one stop shop for companies looking to supercharge their internal and external communication and for those looking to produce engaging video content that cuts through the noise. Hailing from the land down under, they are rapidly expanding their video technology solution across Europe, Asia and the USA, and have a network of global clients across pharmaceutical, tech, finance, FMCG, beauty and CMS.

After a competitive pitch and our famous deep dive CLICK session, The With team is about to embark on a strategic campaign comprising three parts, designed to assist Shootsta’s overarching business objectives: 

  1. Awareness: To break Shootsta into the UK market we plan to produce highly targeted bylines and feature ideas that play well with the HR and business media and dive into some more crunchy topics than just the ‘how to’ of video in order to make people sit up and listen. CEO video fails, anyone?!
  1. Education: Demonstrate the effectiveness of their products with some fantastic case studies, using some of their biggest clients to land Q&As and further features to show their target audiences what they are missing out on! 
  1. Consideration: Drive engagement using earned media to create a series of LinkedIn campaigns to hyper targeted custom audiences which tell the story of Shootsta’s experience in highly relevant and tangible ways.

All of this will be measured for success by monitoring their web traffic, social media engagement, increase in sales enquiries and share of voice in the market. 

Speaking about the campaign, Liv Riches, Marketing Manager, EMEA at Shootsta said, “With was our first choice for Shootsta EMEA. Their expansive industry knowledge and flexibility to work around our requirements during what can only be described as a turbulent time with COVID has been amazing. We’re excited to kick off our partnership and see what’s to come.”

For now, watch this space, and we’ll be sure to share more on this exciting project soon!

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