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WITH NEWS ALERT; With and new client Util join forces to turn the dial on sustainable investment

Last month, With was appointed by a very unique new client, Util, a business that sits in the heartland of With’s specialist capabilities; the cross-section of finance, data and disruption. In a nutshell, Util is a business that is challenging traditional investment strategies by helping fund managers to make more sustainable investment decisions in an entirely new way. Using the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework, and drawing insights from  every publicly available academic, peer-reviewed research document, Util uses machine learning to evaluate not the practices, but the global impact of the products and services of over 50,000 businesses. 

Understandably, we’ve been pretty excited to get stuck in!

After a competitive pitch, With’s strategic recommendation was selected to tackle three core communication goals underpinned by Util’s business objectives: 

Bring their product to market

Demonstrate their unique expertise to educate on gaps in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) data market

Showcase the value of Util to drive direct engagement with their most relevant asset management prospects

Knowing the particular nuances of the investment and asset management audience and the associated media landscape, our strategic recommendation hinges on a campaign devised to attract the attention of key journalists and to build invaluable relationships with them on behalf of Util. This set of Very Important Journalists (VIJs) will be the centerpiece of a more expansive, integrated comms strategy bringing together traditional media relations and digital marketing best practices through earned, owned and bought content. 

The second pillar to our strategy is grounded in the exceptional technological capabilities and unprecedented levels of data that the Util platform and existing community is able to provide. This gold mine will provide the grit for subversive commentary, proof for vertical features, and data-backed visual summaries which we will roll out across channels to hyper-targeted audience groups.

The third and final component, which is perhaps the most compelling, is the aforementioned originality of the Util proposition. This, backed by an impressive leadership team with a genuine belief that sustainable asset and fund management can be revolutionised for the better, is an irresistible combination for any journalist. We’re fortunate to have found partners in Util who share our values of collaboration, and won’t shy away from pushing a provocative and progressive agenda – elements of which we’ve loved uncovering recently via our infamous CLICK session. 

For now, watch this space, and we’ll be sure to share more on this exciting project soon!

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