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WITH NEWS ALERT: With announces new client partnership with wellness platform HEKA

As experts in HR tech, With always has its eye on new developments in the space. In late 2020, we came across Heka – a brilliant wellness incentives platform that can be totally tailored by each employee. Our eyes lit up as we saw such exciting potential for them to be a fantastic partner for the new ways in which we all work.

And so a new partnership was born! The team at With is creating a tailored SEO plan for Heka, helping with everything from establishing their search console through to working on key words and optimising their owned and earned content for maximum SEO impact. All of which is designed to help them continue making their mark with enterprise clients and entrepreneurial businesses alike. We will be measuring the success of our first campaign with them by benchmarking and tracking their domain authority, their searchterm rankings and both the click-through and bounce rate to owned content results.

The team at With is also stoked that we have brought Heka in as our own health benefits platform. Following our demo last week the team have booked online HIT classes, yoga and vegan meal boxes (it is Veganuary after all). There is a lot of buzz on our check-ins about what everyone is trying out!

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