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WITH NEWS ALERT: With Wins New Client, Cybellum; Teaming Up To Supercharge The Future Of Automotive Cyber Security

Following a competitive pitch, With is beginning a partnership with automotive cyber security experts, Cybellum. Our global campaign will build their corporate brand among automotive  manufacturers and the most globally renowned suppliers of automotive technology. One of the most exciting start-ups in the sector, Cybellum’s mission is to ensure that vehicles aren’t just safe, but also cyber secure. 

As our modern, connected cars can deploy over 100 different software components and often have more lines of code than an F-35 Fighter Jet, protecting their software from vulnerabilities has never been more important. Cybellum’s technology uses cyber digital twins to constantly monitor for cyber threats in a powerfully efficient way: right from planning and design stages through post-production and deployed products. With the automotive industry struggling to cope with the increased risk that comes with the heavy use of software, Cybellum is looking to the With team to build a strong market presence as leaders in their field. 

With will be working closely with the With Global Alliance partners to generate media engagement reaching product security teams in automakers and major suppliers across the US, Europe and APAC. Building on previous client experience in the digital automotive sector, the team is beginning work on a strategic campaign comprising four parts:

  1. Our CLICK process to quickly get under the skin of the business and unlock the strongest storytelling angles for our content plan
  2. The creation of a virtual global think tank to address the key challenges and opportunities in auto cybersecurity 
  3. Build a product-led campaign focused on future-proofing automotive security across three continents through a variety of content
  4. Create a global news creation and news response unit

All of this will be measured against Cybellum’s commercial objectives, and we will be monitoring their web traffic, social media engagement, increase in sales enquiries and share of voice in the market. 

Speaking about the partnership, Adi Bar-Lev, Head of Marketing, Cybellum said, “With and the wider With Global Alliance has demonstrated an energy and comprehension of the key topics which has excited our team and which compliments our continued global expansion. We are delighted with the strategy and attention that the team has shown to us and we very much look forward to seeing the results! ”

The team is very excited to get started and look forward to sharing campaign successes with you in the future!

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