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One of the best parts about working in tech PR is that no matter what you’re doing, it can probably be related back to work! It’s effortless because tech is everywhere and is embedded in pretty much everything we do. 

We believe HealthTech is  one of the purest forms of tech for good because it can directly improve our lives. Here are three of our favourite HealthTech apps.



When Apple launched its Health app, it did not include a period tracker. So there was an opportunity in the market here and Clue jumped on in. Clue is a period tracker that doubles as an information hub where you can learn everything there is to know about your body.

For younger people it can help track and predict periods – avoiding any embarrassing surprises. Then as you get a little older, it can provide information that would be insightful, and even supportive, for those who may be trying to get pregnant or for those who suffer from health conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It offers the user the ability to privately obtain information on matters that may be extremely personal and scary to talk about aloud. Even the website is a gold mine for information that my younger self was dying to know but was always too afraid to ask! But it’s the app that is so incredibly useful, and the more you use it, the more it has to offer you!



Pacer is another app that is completely intuitive to use. The great thing about this one is that although it is a fitness app, it never feels intimidating or stressful. The design – both in terms of UI and UX – is simple and encouraging rather than complex and aggressive. It caters for the people who want to get fit, but don’t necessarily need their app to be their personal drill sergeant.

Apps like these are great for those who are goal oriented or – to hark back to gaming – completionists (a player who attempts to complete every challenge and earn every achievement or trophy). With goals and checklists and distance trackers, returning to the app to check your progress is encouraged, and more importantly, beneficial for your health!



And last but not least in this HealthTech round up from With is Strava. It’s a bit like Pacer only it acts as a social network as well as a fitness app. It creates a community of like minded individuals who are all brought together by their love of running or cycling – which are generally quite solitary forms of exercise. It makes perfect sense for an app like this to have been created, and it’s really incredible to see such a great harmony between something we’re addicted to (social media) and something so vital (exercise)! We wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing more apps like this starting to arise – blending social media with different aspects of our lives.

Going a step further, Strava has even begun sharing their data with cities in order to increase the number of cyclists. Now that’s HealthTech on an even greater scale as more cyclists means healthier humans and a healthier environment. 

HealthTech is already so embedded in our everyday lives. As one of the many sectors within tech, it is one that’s entire goal is to better the lives of people all over the world. It’s a lively and vital area of tech that we love seeing develop and grow.

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