Pieces of earned media in target publications


National media hits including Reuters, MailOnline and Yahoo Finance

Strong SEO

Average SEO ranking for all coverage secured was 52.7, a ‘strong’ SEO score overall - a reflection of the publication quality

They asked

Hong-Kong-based startup, Allinfra, uses web3 technology to revolutionise the climate market. In partnership with leading web3 company Consensys, Allinfra founded the Ethereum Climate Platform (ECP) to mitigate CO2 at scale and leveraging blockchain technology to scale climate investments. With Allinfra and the ECP attending COP28, Allinfra sourced the help of With to make a big splash and cut through the crowded media landscape surrounding the event. Our mission was to drive awareness of the ECP amongst key players in the blockchain space and senior decision makers in green finance who would be attending COP28.

We delivered

The week before COP28, Allinfra shared a piece of research the ECP was working on with Cambridge University on the historical carbon footprint of decentralised blockchain Ethereum. With delved into the data and proposed a nimble media strategy to maximise media coverage within a tight timeframe. With used existing connections to secure a pre-COP28 exclusive with Tom Wilson at Reuters, coordinated interviews and drafted commentary from the ECP and Cambridge University in a matter of days. With then led a wider sell-in to other business, tech and crypto titles, securing widespread coverage and raising the profile of the ECP. The data was launched onsite at COP28 and used in speaker sessions held by key Allinfra stakeholders.


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